Everything you Need to Know About Your First Spray tan

You’ve made the decision to get your first spray tan and you can’t wait to have that instant bronzed body, but maybe you’re a bit nervous about the process or don’t know what to expect.

You will have to get naked (we’ll provide you with disposable pants to cover your naughty bits) and you might smell a bit like biscuits afterwards, but once you’ve popped your tanning cherry we’re pretty sure that you will never look back.

The only thing you really need to do beforehand is to decide on how bronzed you want to be. We also recommend that you turn up make-up free.

“The therapist should ask you “how dark” you want to go. This is your chance to explain what you like; you could reference a celeb or show them a picture of how you tan on holiday. It also helps for them to know the occasion your spray tan is for, i.e. if it’s a 10-day holiday you may want to go dark so it lasts longer, or if it’s for a wedding the very next day, you may want to stay lighter so it looks as natural as possible in pictures.”

Your therapist will talk you through every step, including how to stand to ensure that you get an even tan and what to do after to ensure that your tan turns out looking as perfect as possible.

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