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eyelash + eyebrow services

Champions Hair Beauty Day Spa wants to help you give your beauty routine back its sparkle with our range of incredible eyelash and eyebrow services. With Champions’ tints, lifts and extensions, you can put the finishing touches to your stunning style. Let us take you from great to flawless in a couple of easy steps.

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Eyelash and Eyebrow Tints

Make your lashes and brows look thicker, fuller, and more appealing with our tinting services. Sometimes, eyebrows and lashes are thin and appear sparse. However, we’ll leave them looking more luscious in half an hour or less. And the effects are long-lasting. You can expect our tints to stay for up to six weeks!

Lash Lift and Tint

A tint might cut it, which is why we also lift lashes. Doing at home is often tricky and takes lots of time. We’ll cut your prep time in half by using a more rigorous lift process that stops lashes from sagging.

Eyelash Extensions

Not everybody has beautifully full lashes. Of course, extensions can look tacky, too, which is why you might want to avoid them. But, at Champions, we only fit eyelash extensions that leave our customers’ lashes looking natural and organic. So, you can finally have the lashes you dream about.

Eyelash Infills

Unfortunately, lash extensions fall out after six weeks because new lashes grow back. Thankfully, infills act as replacements so that you don’t have gaps in your eyelashes. Therefore, your lashes will continue to appear full and thick, no matter how many single hairs fall out.


4-6 weeks
No. if it is done correctly.
Yes, if it is done correctly with an experienced operator.
Up to 3 weeks however they are glued to your natural lash and we do shed our lashes so you will find from the second week you may have lost a few.