10 Trendy Updo Hairstyles for Your Formal or Special Event

Buying an amazing dress is the first step towards looking fantastic at a special event. But what do you do with your hair? Updo hairstyles are a quick way to add instant glamour to complement that stunning outfit.

Your hair is your crowning glory for good reason. The average Australian woman spends $3,600 a year on hair and beauty products a year.

Looking good is important to us.

Formals and special events aren’t all about the dress. Your hair has to look fantastic, too! Check out these 10 fun updo hairstyles for your next event!

So if you’re looking to channel the elegance of Audrey Hepburn, check out these ten trendy updo hairstyles!

1) Mix Plaits with Curls

Section off enough hair on the top of your head to make two fairly chunky plaits. Curl the rest of your hair using your favourite tool.

Plait the sections you made earlier. Pin up the curls below your ear to create a loose chignon shape. Pin the plaits in place either below or behind the curly pile.

It’s okay if curls spring free. You want a loose, carefree look.

As an alternative, you can use clip in plaits if your hair isn’t long enough to do plaits and curls.

2) Add Beads to Curls to Create a Rosette

Section the front of your hair and curl it loosely. You want big waves here, not ringlets.

Curl the rest of your hair and pin it in a neat bunch behind one ear. If the front waves are long, then pin the ends of the waves into the curls. If they’re shorter, leave them loose.

Fix the rosette of curls in place with beaded barrettes or a comb.

3) Use Loose Curls for a Tousled Look

Loosely curl your hair and gather it at the back of your head. Don’t scrape the hair back, just gather handfuls and pin in place.

You want the curls to look natural and tousled. Leave a few wisps or curls dangling free. Updo hairstyles like this rely on looking effortless, as if you only spent five minutes on them!

4) Add Backcombing to Curls to Get Some Height

This style works well if you have layered hair that reaches your jaw. Clip back two sections at the front which need to be straight.

As with the previous updo hairstyles, curl the rest of your hair to get started.

Separate a section near the crown and backcomb the underside of the section. Smooth the top layer over the backcombed hair and pin in place.

Gather the curls and pin them to create a rosette on the back of the head. Straighten the uncurled sections at the front to create elegant bangs.

If you don’t have layered hair and the front sections are long, just curl them and leave them hanging loose.

5) Combine French Plaits with Curls

A lot of these updo hairstyles rely on curls because they add volume and look amazing. This style is no different.

Start by curling your hair. Next, section hair and begin a French plait. Once you start gathering in hair from behind your ears, secure the plait with pins.

Pin up the rest of the curls on the back of your head. Go for loose pinning to achieve the effortless, tousled look. Or try a regimented rosette for a more glamorous look.

6) Add Plaits to a Chignon

Separate a section of hair at your temple. Pull the rest of the hair back into a chignon and pin into place. No curls required this time!

Next, plait the section and pin it into place leading from your temple, curving around the hairline at the back of your ear.

If your plait is long enough, coil it around the chignon and pin into place. If not, simply take the plait across the top of the chignon and secure.

You can add further elegance with diamante slides, barrettes, or even fresh flowers.

7) The Victory Roll

If you don’t have long hair, finding updo hairstyles can be challenging. Why not try out the Victory Roll? Dating to the 1940s, this historic hairstyle (also known as the backward roll) brings vintage glamour to any outfit.

Women in the ’40s rolled their hair around a pair of old stockings to keep it out of their way during the day. When they removed the stockings, the hair held its backward curl away from the face.

You can achieve a similar look by using your favourite tool to curl the hair. Create a ‘barrel’ roll to keep the curl in the same direction and pin into place.

Curl the hair under at the back for ultimate glamour.

8) The Bouffant

It’s a classic for a reason and a staple of any good hair and beauty routine. The bouffant is also great for shorter hair.

Separate the top layers of hair at the top of your head. Backcomb the underside the achieve the ‘lift’ that’s crucial for the style. Smooth the hair over the backcombing,

From here, you have several options, depending on the length of your hair. If it’s short, curl the hair outwards to give a ‘flick’.

If it’s medium-length, pin the hair in place to make the bouffant the focus.

For longer hair, curl the hair into a long vertical roll at the back and pin into place.

9) Add a Trendy Hairband to a Chignon

Use a hair doughnut to create a neat, smooth chignon on the top of the head. If you’ve never used one before, just tie your hair in a ponytail and pull it through the doughnut.

Pull sections of the ponytail down over the doughnut and pin into place to cover it. Wrap a trendy hairband or a section of material around the base of the chignon to hide the pins.

Choose one that matches your dress for ultimate coordination.

10) Go For a Side Sweep Bouffant

Separate a section of hair at the front and keep it to one side. Backcomb your hair at the crown of your head as with the traditional bouffant.

Take the section you separated at first and sweep it around the side of the bouffant. Pin everything at the back to hold it in place. Instant glamour!

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These Updo Hairstyles Boost the Beauty of Any Outfit.

Which of these styles will you try first?

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