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nails (manicures + pedicures)

At Champions Hair Beauty Day Spa, we believe that your nails are the final piece of the puzzle. That’s why our nail salon provides quality manicure and pedicure services - so that you can be proud of your nails.

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Today, there are many different manicure trends and styles, and our nail shop aims to provide as many of them as possible for your comfort.

Full Set Manicure Infills

After a couple of weeks, you might begin to notice that your nails are growing back and causing gaps. As a result, your manicure doesn’t look as full as before. At Champions, we fix nail infills so that you can paint over the extra acrylic that we put into the gap.

This method means your nails maintain their stunning look for longer.

French Manicure

French manicure is one of the most popular beauty treatments in the world. A timeless classic, we’ll use a sheer nude or light pink hue with a white stripe at the tip to add subtle beauty to your nails.

French fills are also available.

Polish Repairs

Polish is subject to chips and cracks because you can’t keep your nails out of harm’s way. Let us repair them back to their former glory so that they’re fuller and shinier than ever. We will buff and polish them, too, so that they last for longer.


Pedicure Express

Pedicure Express is our in-house, deluxe pedicure paraffin treatment that uses extra Shellac to leave toes with a glossy, cured style that is long-lasting.


Gel is kinder to the nail where as acrylic is a lot stronger.
When it is done correctly the application will keep the nails stronger.
Often referred to acrylic extensions, Gel or Shellac polish.
Shellac is kinder due to the soaking method of the product to be removed instead of buffed over.
We soak the feet and tidy up all the cuticles and cut and file the nails. The heels are buffed over to smooth any dry skin and then the feet are exfoliated, massaged and then polished.
The hands are soaked to soften the hands then we tidy up the cuticles and cut and file the nails and finished off with a massage of the hands and polish.