Vitamin A – The No. 1 Vitamin You Should Use for Anti-ageing

It can be downright confusing when you need to choose the right skin care to combat aging. Every product on the market makes the same promises but not all were created equal. If we listen to the advice of Sigourney Cantelo your best friend when it comes to fighting the signs of ageing is Vitamin A.

There’s one ingredient in my nightly routine that I will not budge on. One Vitamin that I can confidently recommend to every woman I know as being the hands-down-most-effective-potion-to-combat-aging. And a single ingredient that I look for when analysing whether an anti-aging product will actually work. If you haven’t already guessed it, I’ll fess up. It’s Vitamin A aka the Allstar of the skincare world.

 A lot of research has gone into the effectiveness of Vitamin A for the skin since it has joined the beauty industry as a major player in the ‘80s. Some skins are however sensitive to the use of Vitamin A and we recommend that you partner with a qualified consultant that can guide you through the first steps in using any new skin care product.

You need vitamin A for your eyes, especially for being able to see at night. It is also important for your immune system for your skin.

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