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At our day spa, we provide body treatments that focus on detoxifying and exfoliating your body to ensure its health and wellbeing.
Champion offers two primary services:
- Body Exfoliation
- Body Wraps

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Body Exfoliation

Body exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin from your body so that it doesn’t clog your pores. With our Revitalising Marine Scrub, Arctique Salt Flake Scrub, and Atlantic Pink Sand Scrub, we can ensure that you’ll be left with a layer of fresh, clean, smooth skin. 

All treatments are finished off with nourishing body milk. This is to ensure the skin is moisturised and soft, as well as smooth.

Exfoliation Vichy Shower Body Wraps

Our body wraps enhance the health and appearance of your skin, leaving it more nourished and radiant.

Marine Mud Wrap

A deep exfoliation & marine mud wrap will detoxify, stimulate circulation, and promote more supple skin. We find mud to be the perfect ingredient for the skin as it cleanses the pores and increases the number of vitamins.

That’s why our mud wrap treatment is an essential purchase.

Sublime Body Wrap

Rich in rice bran oil and sacred lotus, the formula leaves the skin exceptionally nourished. That’s why we call it “Sublime” – it’s because it does everything it says on the wrap and more.

Spray Tan

Natural-looking, long-lasting spray tans are also part of our body treatment range. We have two-hour or eight-hour spray tans, and you can add our exfoliation solutions for an extra $60. The colour lasts for up to 8 days.

Please read the following carefully before booking a spray tan:

  • There may be some over-spray
  • You need to moisturise and exfoliate the night before
  • You cannot apply cream, perfumes or oils on the day, or wear dark, loose-fitting clothes and underwear
  • For the best results, avoid water contact for up to 1 day


Also known as a full body scrub and has the same benefits as a facial! The body is massage with an abrasive salt or softer granules to remove dead skin cells leaving the body invigorated and nourished.
If the skin is dry and once a month for a professional in salon treatment.
With an abrasive product either salt exfoliators or softer granules in a cream form.
It is large jets of water are poured over the body while the client lays on a bed. It is good for relaxation, lymphatic and circulation stimulation.
Designed to improve texture and appearance of the skin helping the body rid fluids and toxins while tightening and softening the skin.